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Sickness and Eucharistic visits: hospital and home
To receive communion at home or in the hospital, or to volunteer to bring communion to the sick, contact Denise Petruk 

(Phone: ‭(780) 614-7661‬).

Anointing of the sick
To arrange for anointing at the church, home, hospice or the hospital, please call the parish office at (780) 645-3033


Abuse or neglect

  • For an urgent situation call 911.

  • If you suspect abuse or neglect of a minor, call local law enforcement to make a report in the county/town/reserve where the child is presently located. 

  • For counseling about abusive relationships, developing an escape plan including safe and confidential emergency shelter, or support groups, we reccomend the Lurana Shelter in Edmonton (Phone: 780-424-5875).

  • Our priests, deacons and pastoral staff are also available for consultation: call the parish office at (780) 645-3033.

Pregnant and scared
We are here for you. Contact our priests or pastoral staff, or contact Gianna Centre:

call 780-482-5111 or text 587-338-8942. Email:​ .

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