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Sacramental Preparation

First Holy Communion

This is the finial sacrament in the Sacraments of Initiation

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Session Dates


March 5, 19

April 16, 30

May 7

Retreat Day May 13 

June 4th Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

(How do we continue our journey)

If you child has received the Sacraments of Confirmation & Reconciliation then they can join these session to prepare for their first Holy Communion.

What is Involved?



When will the classes be: Classes are after the 11:00 am Sunday mass from 12:15 (gives a chance for you and your child to stretch and have a snack if needed) to 12:50.

Why this time frame? Two reasons:

  1. All our sacraments are tied to the Mass and by having the class after Mass we can show this connection in a memorable way. 


  1. Because we attend Mass each week, having class after Mass hopefully frees up time for you to engage with your family in other meaningful ways.


 Along with the classes after Mass there is homework and a retreat day. 


The retreat days will be held at St. Edouard.  This day brings all their learning together, the Sacrament of Reconciliation is available so they are fully prepared to receive their first Holy Communion and we do a run through of  'how to receive' Holy Communion.

What if we miss a session?

If you miss a session because of illness or some sudden life happening, because we know things happen, then you will be sent an at-home learning session via email.  We do ask that you commit to all the sessions which mean for some giving up sports or other activities for the dates outlined.

All homework is brought to the retreat where we look at it and discuss it with your child.  It is not marked like school homework as it is provided for their own faith growth and understanding of the sacrament they will be receiving.

Is there a cost?

$  25.00 for the YOUCAT for Kids

$ 5.00 for the Sunday Missal for Children

$ 5.00 personal journal book

Total: $35.00

If you have more than one child they can share the YOUCAT for Kids - they each need a Sunday missal and personal journal book

When will they receive their first

Holy Communion?

The date is flexible.  Your child's first Holy Communion can be planned for one of the three weekend masses that lead to Pentecost on May 28th.  

You will choose the date then let the parish office know which date you have chosen so we can make sure the priest serving mass is aware of who is receiving for the first time.  We will go over more details during the first session.

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