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For Our Young Believers

We want children and youth to be welcome in our parish, to be well formed in the faith, and to have a place in serving the community. They are the future of our community and we believe in their ability to participate. 

Kid's Bulletin 

Created by a Canadian Catholic Mom, click the link to access the bulletin. You can then print it so your child can read it and have fun with the weekly activities that prepare them for the upcoming Sunday mass.

We want to see kids and families experience Jesus through the beauty and richness of the Catholic faith in a fun
and faith-filled way.

We meet regularly on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, October through June, in the LaRose Hall from 4:00-6:00pm (doors open at 3:45).

Cost is $80/ind.  $60/family

When registering into the group, please use your child's name and fill in the information questions requires.

Youth Choir

11:00a.m. Sunday mass once a month.
Practices will occur twice a month at the church every first and third Monday of the month from 3:30-4:30.
For further information call
Mrs. Marlene deMoissac at 780-646-3537


Mrs. Patricia Gervais at 780-645-8088.
         Please link to Flocknote to register

Teen Corner

We are still looking at what a youth group in our parish might have. You can help us out by jumping in and giving us some ideas! We want you to feel at home and involved in your parish!

Altar Servers

Do you feel called to assisting the priest in the celebration of mass? We would love to welcome you and we will teach you how to do it! 

Kid Links

Are you looking for some cool sites to surf? You can build. your faith online, that is the world you are grown in! 

What the kiddo's Say...


Daniel, on being an altar server:

I like alter serving because I get to be a part of the mass.

For Grown Ups...

Children's Liturgy of the Word

It isn't what we are used to, but we are seeking to help you raise children who love the mass.


We are with you in seeking to raise a generation of disciples.


The parish-home-school connection is important. 


We would love to have everyone on FLOCKNOTE. Then we can communicate easily

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